Windows are part of the Home Inspection, and double-pane windows present unique challenges to the inspector. Namely, the Hermetic seal. Inspectors will look at a seal on a double-pane window but are not responsible for reporting on the condition. Because a broken seal might not even show signs that it’s broken!

Double-pane class is what it sounds like. Two panes of glass are held together by a metal frame, or strip. All moisture is removed from in between the panes, creating a natural insulation barrier. These windows, when properly sealed, are energy efficient.

Signs of Trouble on Your Windows

Some things that an inspector will look for on your double-pane windows include:

  • Condensation in the window.
  • White, powdery substance around the windows.
  • Shower-like scum build-up inside the windows.

So, what does this mean to the homeowner and potential buyer?

When a double-pane windows shows signs of a broken seal, you have three options of repair:

  1. Replace the glass panes.
  2. Replace the sash, the part that moves.
  3. Replace the entire window.

If these issues come up during the home inspection, it will become a negotiating point, just like faulty equipment or other repairs.

Other Issues with Windows

Of course, there are other issues that an inspector might discover that are not directly related to double-paned windows. Your inspector will check to make sure windows open, close and lock properly. They’ll look for chips in the glass, issues with screens, draftiness, and any leakage around the windows.

Final Thoughts on Double-Pane Window Inspections

While a home inspector will inspect your windows for typical issues that may affect your home sale, they cannot check the seals on a double-pane window. They will point out signs of a broken seal, like condensation or other residue, but it is also possible that a newly broken seal will show no signs at all! In that case, there is no way to know that the seal has been broken.

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