You may have heard the joke: There’s two types of homes in Arizona, the ones with termites and the ones that are going to get em!

Like most jokes, it’s intent is to relieve some of the painful reality of the topic. Unfortunately, termites are responsible for millions of dollars worth of damage to our homes every year. That’s why termite inspections are so important.

In the desert areas, the threat is even greater because the variety of termite we have here is subterranean. They live underground and are attracted to damp areas, they travel in mud tunnels (termite tubes) from the moist earth to your home to have dinner and then back so they don’t get dehydrated. These tubes are relatively easy to spot on the stem wall of the home’s foundation but that isn’t the only road to the “cafeteria”. Bathtub drain penetrations and normal shrinkage cracks in the concrete slab (hidden under the carpet) are favorite entry points for termites to get in completely undetected.

A hasty inspection of the stem walls and a cursory look at the interior trim could leave you with unwanted visitors for a very long time.

Your White Glove Home Inspector is licensed with the State of Arizona Structural Pest Commission. He has the same training and continuing education requirements as any other termite inspector but with a couple of distinct advantages.

White Glove Home Inspectors are onsite for several hours. Our inspection procedures have us looking in places most others are forced to bypass or overlook.

There is no conflict of interest. White Glove Home Inspections is not in the business of treating (to rid the home of termites) just inspecting and reporting the facts.

There’s a Helping Hand in the White Glove! White Glove Termite Inspections are so thorough, we back them up with a one year guarantee! For more information about a home inspection, give us a call at 602-743-3565 or email us at

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Why Choose White Glove Home Inspections?

  • Customer service second to none!
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  • The most thorough inspection procedures ever offered
  • Complete, accurate report with color digital photographs delivered on-site for your convenience
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  • Continuing education for our staff
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