After the home inspection is completed and you pour over the inspection report, the question is, “What next?” What happens after a home inspection? There are a lot of considerations to make, for both buyers and sellers — which is also why we recommend sellers get a home inspection done themselves, ahead of time. A good home inspection will uncover any significant issues that exist, like structural, safety and non-functional components. It will also find items that will play a part in negotiating repairs and (possibly) the ultimate price of the home. What comes next, after the home inspection, are some very important decisions.

What fixes are mandatory?

The first consideration is repairs. What repairs are mandatory? Actually, none of them are. The latest laws in Arizona don’t dictate that the owner of the home is required to fix anything found in the inspection. However, it is common and recommended that the most severe issues get fixed, which include common building standards violations, safety issues, and problems with the home’s structure and foundation. Following that, the Seller might look at fixing things that will hamper negotiations and the value of the home, such as:

  1. Problems with key systems such as roofs, plumbing, electrical, and heating and air conditioning.
  2. Visual problems like paint, carpets, landscaping
  3. Maintenance, or lack thereof, including pools, hot tubs, irrigation, etc.

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How to Negotiate Repairs and Fixes After an Inspection

There are two sides to the negotiations: Seller and Buyer. Each side will be able to use the results of a home inspection to further their own cause.


We recommend being up front about the issues found in your pre-listing inspection report. Have concessions and allowances ready to go. Ask your agent to point out the strong, positive features of your home, and let the buyer know that making their own repairs also results in the buyer making the home their own, even the home of their dreams. Again, if you’ve had a pre-listing inspection, there won’t be any surprises, and it’ll show confidence to your buyers.


If you’re on the buying side of this transaction, you’ll want to make sure of two things. First, you don’t want buyer’s remorse. That’s why you did the pre-purchase inspection in the first place. However, if some serious things turned up on the report, you may want the Seller to include a warranty as part of the deal. Second thing to consider is the price. How much will these repairs cost? When calculating those into the final price, give yourself a buffer. Repair estimates are rarely the final amount you spend on the repairs. Give yourself room.


At White Glove Home Inspections, we often get the same question after a home inspection: What do we do now, what happens after a home inspection? Following a home inspection, both Sellers and Buyers have key decisions to make on repairs, fixes, and who will pay for it. That is why hiring a proven, certified home inspection company is so important. Your negotiations will teeter back and forth on what comes out of this report. So, start with a report you can trust from a team like White Glove.

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